I just invested 5-figures into this

I just invested 5-figures into this

Hi Friends! You might have noticed that our website is starting to get a little face lift recently! Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll see a whole lot cha’ cha’ changing around here, starting with:


Next up: you’ll get to see a brand-new custom website, built with you in mind.

I’m making it easier to find what you need on the podcast, blog, and legal template shop. I always want my site to be a cozy spot to hang, so I’m designing it to be more “brew up a cup of something cozy and stay for a while” vibes.

To me, it’s worth investing in custom branding and websites (note: not necessarily off the bat, but once you’re clear on your brand, customer, and purpose).

But I’ll be honest: I’m sort of sweating over this 5-figure branding / site investment.

Not necessarily because of the money (but also a little bit because of the money, if we’re being honest 😂), but because of what this level-up represents to me.

When I see my new website and branding, I think: that’s for someone else. Someone with a much bigger, more professional business.

But then I catch myself and take my own advice:

You’ve got to future-proof your business. Act like the business you envision, in order for it to become your reality.

The kind of business I envision — it has this kind of website.

So while I might not feel like the business I have *right at this very moment* is there (even though I know my mindset coach would say it is – HI JEN!)… the one I’m headed towards requires this level of website and branding.

I know what I want to build and I’m making moves that *that* kind of business would make. That’s what getting me closer to my vision becoming a reality everyday.

How can you embody a future-proof attitude? Are you approaching legally protecting your business that way – or do you catch yourself thinking your ‘little’ business doesn’t need legal yet? (Even though the business you’re building does.)

Comment below and tell me your answer ^. Food for thought.

Legal Q&A

Q: I’m a nurse (RN) looking to purchase your 1-1 client contract template. Is this something that would provide protection as an RN and soon to be IBCLC (lactation consultant)? I plan to implement this in working 1:1 with clients in a coaching role, not forming a patient/client relationship.

A: Lots of nurses-turned-coaches (or other licensed pros) use my legal templates. The client contract is great for this scenario. But you should know… Protecting your nursing license and maintaining the proper scope of practice, however, is something you need to learn to embody and use throughout your business. It’s not enough to “just” get a contract.

I cover scope in the Ultimate Bundle® (which includes that same 1:1 client contract, plus gives you 12 more templates). In the Bundle, I teach you how to build a safe coaching practice, while also having a professional license. Of course you’re free to purchase the client contract template only, but know that only having the contract itself isn’t enough if you don’t also maintain the right scope of practice.

BTS: The Ultimate Bundle®

Member, Gila, asked the group for help on re-naming her business and podcast after finding out her planned name(s) infringed on a registered trademark (by accident). We’ve had a lot of people changing their names, getting married etc – so I’ve been inside the Member community helping everyone figure out all the places (online and in their state) where they need to change their names.

Epi 193. Kickstart Series Part 4: Your 2024 Digital Marketing Strategy

In the final episode of my Kickstart Your Business series, you’ll be pulling together everything you’ve learned in Parts 1-3 to create a marketing strategy that pulls in leads while you sleep, doesn’t have you on social 24/7, and creates content that banks ‘interest’ for you.



  • 🛁 This article on the cold plunge company, Plunge, details how they turned their pandemic-closed float store into a $100 MILLION biz (with a $100 beat up tub). (I’m eyeing up one for my house 👀)
  • 🏄‍♀️ On finding purpose outside of your work with Pro surfer, Carissa Moore.


🤫 I’m dropping a major announcement on Thursday, February 8, 2024…. Especially if you want to get your legal stuff in order (finally!) this year so you can put it behind you and just focus on doing what you love (aka – not stressing about contracts).


  • Comment below and let me know if you’ve enjoyed the Kickstart Series on On Your Terms® so I can virtually high five you!🙌

Talk soon!

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