DIY Client Contract Template


Get your hands on an instantly downloadable Client Contract template, expertly crafted to legally safeguard your online business! What’s inside? A tailor-made, easy-to-customize DIY Client Contract template, meticulously put together with passion and expertise by a former corporate attorney turned online entrepreneur. This template is perfect for coaches, designers, and online entrepreneurs offering services in coaching, mentorship, or design. Ensure you’re paid on time and your clients are crystal clear on the ‘rules’ with this straightforward, user-friendly DIY Client Contract.

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Get paid & protect your business with this fill-in-the-blank Client Contract template. You can have your own client agreement in less than 15 minutes by easily following along with my video How-To Tutorial & filling-in-the-blanks. You can send it to your 1-on-1 clients in no time! This template is for you if you offer 1:1 coaching, consulting, or creatives services (coaching, copywriting, website design, social media, etc.).

(Pssst! If you’re looking for a contract template for an online course and not 1:1 services, check out my Terms of Use template for wellness/health coaches and business coaches.)


Basically, a client contract is a contract you send to your 1:1 clients before you start working together. It sets out the terms of your agreement in writing so you’re able to try to enforce it, if/when needed. Clients are more likely to take the terms of your agreement seriously if they know they’ve signed a legit contract with you. That means you get paid, protect your content and set healthy boundaries.


Do you want to get paid? Yes! If you work with clients 1:1 & want to have clear expectations + rules, you should definitely put the terms of your agreement in writing. A client contract makes sure that you can…

  • Get paid by setting out payment terms
  • Enforce your refund policy, since it’s clearly spelled out in the agreement
  • Protect yourself & your company with disclaimers & limitations on liability
  • & so much more!


  • DIY Client Contract TemplateOne (1) downloadable, editable .docx file containing a detailed client agreement template with fill-in-the-blanks to make your own.
  • How-To Video Tutorial — a video tutorial (that actually shows you the document while I talk!) where I walk you through what each paragraph means (in English, not legal language) & where you’ll need to put in your personal info. You’ll be comfortable and confident to make the Client Contract your own.
  • Guidelines & Tips Guide — to let you know what to do with this document & how to make it your own.
  • BONUS: you’ll receive my Super Simple Guide to Legally Protect Your Online Business to make sure you’re on the right track.


  • Late or missed payments, including chargeback threats from clients
  • How long your program lasts and when you can cancel it
  • Refunds and cancellations
  • Protecting yourself and your company from legal liability in case you ever get sued
  • Protecting your content and material so clients know they can’t make it their own
  • Rescheduling client appointments and no-shows
  • Your ability to use the client’s testimonial, picture, or wins
  • Permission to record sessions
  • Client confidentiality, and more!


Got 15 minutes? Then you’ll have yourself a legal Client Contract. Here’s what you should do once you purchase:

  • Read the Client Contract Guidelines & Tips Guide first.
  • Next, edit the client contract template with your personal info! Follow along with my video How-To Tutorial, which shows you where you need to put in your personal info. You won’t need to do ANY legal writing – just contact info, personal deets and nothing more.
  • Make any necessary changes based on how you run and operate your business + website.
  • Use it with your clients! You can start sending this document to your clients in less than 15 minutes.


  • Anyone who offers 1:1 services such as…
  • Coaches (i.e., health, life, fitness, wellness, career, business, nutrition, dating, etc.)
  • Service-providers (RDs, nutritionists)
  • Consultants


The whole thing really hinges on a properly written and signed digital contract. And it’s important to note that the signing process differs from an in-person signing vs. obtaining a digital signature.

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IMPORTANT: This client contract template is a downloadable, customizable general template for you to make your own & to fit your business. Purchase of this or any other document from this Site does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Sam Vander Wielen. The documents, or anything on this Site, should not be construed as legal advice. You should have all documents you use or prepare reviewed by a local attorney to ensure they comply with State and local laws where you live and work. Sam Vander Wielen is licensed to practice law in New Jersey. Use of this Site, and purchase of any documents, are subject to these Terms & Conditions.

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Client Contract FAQs

  • Do I need legal knowledge to use this template? No, it’s designed for easy customization without legal expertise.
  • Can I use this template for various types of coaching? Absolutely, it’s versatile for different coaching and consulting niches.
  • What if I need to adjust the terms later? The template is fully editable to evolve with your business needs.
  • Is this template suitable for online and in-person services? Yes, it’s crafted to cater to both modalities effectively.