If this happened to me, I would cry

If this happened to me, I would cry

What if Your Launch Doesn’t Go As Planned?

Imagine preparing for something for months – years even – and then overnight it goes poof!

Last week I got to see a friend perform in Lempicka on Broadway.

It’s a musical about Polish artist Tamara de Lempicka’s escape from the Russian Revolution and her time trying to make it as an artist in Paris.

It hit the stage just 2 weeks earlier. It was getting so much buzz.

And then it got canceled.

Their final performance was actually 2 days ago. 😢

Before the show, we chatted with our extremely talented Broadway friend about what happened.

He and his cast mates were devastated. Thirty minutes before curtain time, they found out the show they’d worked on for months – and planned to perform for years – was over.

All that hard work – poof.

I’m not sure whether audience goers knew what happened or how upset the talented cast was.

Squeezed tightly into the red velvet seats, my heart hurt knowing how much they’d put into it. I was equally inspired they put on such a heartfelt, energetic performance despite the circumstances.

Even though they knew their days were numbered, they all performed with the enthusiasm and energy I imagined they had on Day 1.

Their ability to keep calm and carry on reminded me of something…

I couldn’t help but think of what happens when you’re in a launch.

You plan and work for months for it to go perfectly. But no matter what you do, things don’t always go as planned.

No matter how your launch goes, how many sign ups you get, or who downloads your free thing, you’ve got to show up and see it through.

When I started, I’d pout if launches didn’t go my way. I’d obsessively check stats and stop showing up right in the middle of it.

Over time, I learned the value of what the cast of Lempicka did.

No matter how things are going off stage, it can’t impact what you do on stage.

I’ve had a few launches recently that didn’t start out great (I had a big tech snafu on Day 1 of my February ‘24 launch… which ended up being my biggest yet!).

But now, I don’t quit. I keep the same level of enthusiasm and energy throughout the launch. I keep showing up.

So next time you feel like throwing in the towel because you think your fate is already sealed, shake it off and channel that Day 1 energy.

You’ve got this. Lights, camera, curtain… 🎬

💬 Subscriber Question of the Week

Q:“Can my Terms & Conditions be on my client intake form, or does it need to be at checkout to be binding?”

In order for your agreement – whether it’s a 1:1 client contract or Terms of Use (that’s the contract you use to sell courses, memberships & digital products) – to be binding, it needs to be:

  • Signed digitally (e-sign) or old-school with an actual pen.
  • Available at the same time (or before) payment is made. You can’t present a contract to someone only after they pay you, otherwise it’s invalid.
  • Customized to include the client’s (legal) name, price, method of payment, contact details, etc.

So yes – it needs to be at checkout (if you sell courses, digital products or memberships) in order to be binding. Including it in a client welcome packet wouldn’t be sufficient. Get a Terms of Use template here.

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Although it’s cheaper to start an online business than, say, a bakery – it doesn’t make it free.

But when you’re just starting out, you want to make sure you spend your money where you really need to (and skip the rest.)

In this week’s episode, I’ll teach you:

  • How to budget to start your own business online
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  • 🎶 Taylor Swift preemptively filed a trademark (TMZ) for “Female Rage: The Musical.” When you file a trademark, you can file for something you’re already using, or something you’re going to start soon – which is what Taylor did!
  • 🗞️ In overly dramatic news, Harry and Meghan’s California company was deemed “delinquent” and the press went wild here. If you register your business, you typically have to renew it each year. Someone on their team must have forgotten!

✔️ Your Task This Week

  • Don’t be like Harry and Meghan. Check your business registration on your state’s website and make sure it’s up to date. Look up when your annual renewal is due, and set a reminder on your calendar or in your task too.
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