3 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Instagram (& how to fix it)

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3 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Instagram (And How To Fix It)

Do you ever feel like your Instagram isn’t poppin’ the way you feel like it should? You want to use this incredibly powerful social media marketing tool of over 1 BILLION Instagram users, but you’re not sure how to drive traffic to YOUR business profile.

You’re sick of posting to your Instagram account and hearing crickets, or asking for engagement in your stories only to get…. zilch. You might be feeling exhausted with all of the time you’re spending on creating the type of content your target audience wants to see, only to find that your marketing strategy isn’t driving people to your Instagram posts.

There are 3 wrong reasons why you might not be getting the sales or high quality engagement from Instagram (through your post content or Instagram stories) that you want — and today I’m helping you fix those dreaded “Instagram Mistakes” (<– read that in a spooky voice 😉).

Yes of course I only help you legally protect and grow your online business with my DIY legal templates and Ultimate Bundle program — but you’ve got to get clients in the door to have something to legally protect — am I right!? Creating content and using Instagram marketing to drive those precious potential clients to your landing page should be easy peasy (you’ve built it, so why haven’t they come?), but what can you do BEYOND just showing up on the world’s 2nd largest social media platform to get eyes on you and your business?

Watch my latest IGTV video below to learn what 3 things you’re doing wrong on Instagram. (or click to watch it on Instagram!)

But only watch this if you want to increase your business revenue and create an authentic community. It won’t help you if you don’t.


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3 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Instagram (& how to fix it)

I want to make sure my video is as accessible as possible. Since captions aren’t possible here, I’ve provided the text of the video below:

1. Follower Focus.

You’re focusing your time, attention or resources to getting MORE followers (or tinkering with your 30 hashtags to see if any of them bring more people to you), instead of nurturing the people who are there.

Imagine you went to a concert and you were so excited to be there and see the band. But when you sat in your seat and the band came out and saw how many people were in the audience, they went…. “eh, we’ll just sit here until we sell more tickets.” 

Play to the audience you have now. Play so well and so loud that new people outside stop and say, “we’ve got to go in and see this!” (And tap the link in that Instagram bio).

You’re also setting yourself up for a “lack” mindset if all you do is focus on “more” or what you don’t have. What about what you do have now? And if you grow, when will it ever be enough?

2. Focusing on YOU: your diary, What you want to do, how you want to deliver it.

“I healed my ___ so now I’m going to teach others how to do the same” or “I got myself out of debt, so now I’m going to teach you…” —

These are GREAT ”whys” and validating factors of why you’re here to do what you do…

But how you deliver, package and market it should be about THEM, not about you.

Designing a freebie or another call to action? Figure out the way that best serves your audience.

Deciding between a podcast, YouTube channel or IGTV video series (or Reels)? Ask your audience where and how they like to consume content. What’s most helpful to THEM? People are more likely to keep coming back to you for more if you’re giving them the information they need to see through a medium they love.

Designing a program or course? Figure out what works best for your ideal client FIRST and then design your program. That way, when you’re marketing it, you’ll automatically attract the person it’s designed to help. 

And in terms of content focused on yourself — a little behind the scenes and personal life stuff is super helpful to establish connection and be a human. But it can go too far— turn most moments into teaching moments. So if you’re a fitness coach, instead of showing us a pic of your new leggings, share about how new leggings motivate you to move your body and moving your body feels good. Ask them; “What helps you feel more excited about moving your body?” 

3. Only doing what others are doing.

You’re designing your programs, social posts, or maybe even ENTIRE business after what someone else is doing online.

You’re killing off 2 really important things by doing this:

A. What makes you UNIQUELY you, and not them. There are people out there who are going to click so well with you and not them, and vice versa. Both are ok.

B. What your ideal client wants. What if you don’t share the same one? Don’t assume you do just because you “do the same thing.” Your clients are attracted to you for you.  

If your business isn’t developing as fast as you want you might be focusing on the wrong things. I hope these tips helped you to grow not only a legally legit™️ business, but a profitable one too.

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  1. Great tips! Creating for your current audience was like a lightbulb turning on in my head – especially your analogy of the concert.

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