No Pressure, But

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Quick piece of news:

It’s December 7th.

That means you have 24 days to squeeze in your last write-offs of the season.

No Pressure, But

There is absolutely no pressure, but in case you need help bringing your online business up-to-snuff, legally — even if you only have the capacity to make it 1% better right now,

I wanted to drop in with ways I can help. 👋

– If you want to make one tiny legal upgrade to your biz

like implementing a spiffy new contract for your 1:1 services. Or your course, or maybe you’re hosting your first retreat in 2024 and need a contract for that. Or you plan to book more speaking engagements and would love to fire off a professional-looking contract to back up that $12,000 per keynote price tag — you can find legal templates for every situation, here inside my shop.

2 – If you’re a coach or service provider who wants JUST the legal basics…

The Legal Starter Pack hooks you up with a 1:1 client contract, 4 mini disclaimer templates (to protect your freebies), and a video training where you’ll learn how to form your business — you can grab that for a low bundled-up price here.

3 – If you’re ready to protect your business from top-to-bottom…

And you want ALL the legal templates and trainings I’ve ever made so you have what you need as your offerings evolve — the Ultimate Bundle™ is the creme de la creme of #allmythings. Yes, it includes dozens of legal templates with video trainings, walking you through how to fill each one out. But it’s more than that. Bundle members have said it’s kinda like a masterclass on “how to build a legally sound business 101.” You can find all the deets about it right here. (If you reply with “I want the Bundle” I’ll send you a special link to save $400 this week)

Pay that last one in full (if you have the means, ofc) — and you get to shave a pretty little penny off this month’s quarterly tax estimate.🤩

Again, no pressure to purchase.

But I’d love for you to grab what you need when you need it. And you can only do that if you know what’s out there.🤷🏻‍♀️

(if you haven’t reminded your email list what YOU sell, take this as your “permission slip” to go remind them. Believe it or not, people forget!)

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