14 Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas To Attract More Clients

14 Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas To Attract More Clients

 Are you interested in knowing how the most renowned personal trainers leverage marketing for business success? Read on to discover the top ideas that will help you get more clients!

In the past few years, we’ve seen a massive mindset shift when it comes to health and wellness. It’s transitioned from a fleeting interest to a full-blown lifestyle priority for people. And you know what that means? There is a skyrocketing demand for working with a personal trainer who can coach people into their best shape while keeping motivation and accountability strong.

Now, I can hear the thoughts already: “Being a personal trainer sounds like a total dream job! Getting paid to live and breathe fitness, inspiring others, and making great money? Sign me up!” And honestly, you’re not wrong this gig checks all the boxes in terms of rewarding work and solid income potential.

But here’s the catch that often gets overlooked: with fitness enthusiasts jumping on the trainer bandwagon left and right, the competition for clients is more intense than a CrossFit workout at 2x speed. Simply having certifications or encyclopedic exercise knowledge won’t mean squat if nobody even knows about your services and skill set.

That’s why I’m here today to share a variety of personal training marketing strategies that’ll help you flex those entrepreneurial muscles. 

14 Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas To Attract More Clients

You know that statistic about how roughly 20% of small businesses crumble in their first year and 50% by year five? If you’re researching how to start your own personal training business or excel as a trainer, those numbers probably feel pretty sweat-inducing.

But I’m not bringing them up to send you into a panic spiral. I want to emphasize how crucial it is to put real hustle, strategy, and resources behind growing and marketing your biz from day one. Doing it right from the jump gives you a much better chance of beating those grim odds.

So how exactly can you make that happen? I’ve got a roundup of 14 top-notch personal training marketing ideas lined up tactics that’ll have clients gravitating to you like bees to honey:

Harness the Power of Social Media

These days, having a powerful social media presence is mandatory if you’re a personal trainer hoping to convince more clients to sign up for your services effectively. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok provide an amazing opportunity to flex your expertise, share motivating content, and connect with potential clients on a real personal level and convert them to long-term clients. But don’t just mindlessly post random workout videos; craft a deliberate content strategy that resonates with your brand and truly resonates with your targeted audience.

Maximize Video Content

People absolutely devour action-packed, thought-provoking video content when it comes to fitness. The idea of watching a workout with an exciting twist or something that teaches them in a dynamic way is way more enticing than just sitting down with a book. In the fitness world, folks want those instant gratification results. If you can creatively showcase specific exercises or offer insightful class previews, that’s pure marketing gold.

Create Your Own Blog

As a trainer, writing and maintaining an industry blog is a stellar way to reinforce your authority and credibility. Generously sharing your knowledge and insights makes people trust you that much more, as they get to witness firsthand just how skilled and knowledgeable you are before even hitting the gym together.

Submit Guest Posts

For your personal training business to seriously grow and thrive, you’ll want potential clients to view you as a certified authority in the fitness realm. A powerful way to reinforce that authority status? Writing guest articles and scoring publication spots on recognized blogs and sites. By getting your content featured on credible platforms, you bolster your own credibility tenfold. Plus, you can keep your existing personal training clients in the loop by sending updates to your email list whenever those guest posts go live!

Get Certified

In this personal training world, credentials are currency. Investing in obtaining additional certifications or specialized focus areas is a stellar way to separate yourself from the competition. Whether you pursue expertise in a specific training modality or carve out a niche like prenatal or postnatal fitness, having that bonus specialized knowledge makes you an infinitely more appealing choice for discerning clients.

Partner With Other Health Businesses

Don’t sleep on all the local health-adjacent businesses that can provide a prime opportunity to market your personal training services! Start scoping out places like your neighborhood health food stores, coffee shop, yoga studio, or nutritional supplement retailer as potential partnership opportunities. You can explore mutually beneficial cross-promotion setups where you enthusiastically recommend their offerings while they do the same for your training expertise. Or, you can kick things up a notch by proposing a commission-based referral system!

Ask People To Share!

Never underestimate the power of good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing for personal trainers. Nielsen reports that a whopping 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family far more than traditional marketing tactics. Basically, personal referrals are the offline equivalent of social media gold these days.

Brand Your Personal Training Approach

Branding your specific exercise philosophy and methodology is an excellent way to stand out from the herd of other trainers all competing for the same clients. Instead of just pitching a generic “weight loss workout,” put an exciting spin on your programs craft unique names for your signature moves and promote your personal training activities as your proprietary specialties. Not only does this unique branding approach sound infinitely more appealing to clients, but it makes your offerings way more memorable for that all-important word-of-mouth referral spread!

Host/Attend Public Speaking Events

Okay, I’ll be upfront: public speaking may not feel like every personal trainer’s happy place. But hear me out even if the idea makes you a little queasy, pushing through that discomfort can seriously pay dividends. Public speaking provides an amazing opportunity to showcase your charismatic training style and vibe. People in the audience may just feel inspired to then work with you one-on-one or enroll in your group classes after witnessing you in action. Host your own events or start smaller by attending public panels until you gain more confidence!

Do Email Marketing

While social platforms are prime real estate for sharing your thoughts and content with the masses, email marketing is a powerful tool for nurturing those audiences after they’ve already shown interest by stumbling across your blogs or free downloads. It’s one of the most potent marketing methods because you can slide directly into subscribers’ inboxes with your messages. Consistently receiving valuable updates from you helps keep your brand top-of-mind, both consciously and subconsciously.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

In our social media-saturated age, influencers wield some serious sway over their devoted followings. Collaborating with fitness influencers or locally-based micro-influencers can provide an amazing opportunity to tap into their super-engaged audiences. Whether you explore sponsored posts, co-hosted workout events, product collaborations, or beyond, influencer marketing unlocks a whole new level of exposure and persuasive social proof.

Use Client Management App

Doesn’t it just feel great when your favorite local bakery remembers your go-to order without you having to ask? Displaying that level of personalized knowledge about your training clients can inspire some serious loyalty. A smart tactic is utilizing a personal trainer client management app that centralizes all your appointment bookings, revenue tracking, and detailed client profiles in one slick system.

Optimize Your Online Presence

In our modern digital world, cultivating a strong online presence is absolutely paramount. Ensure your website checks all the user-friendly boxes: intuitive navigation, mobile-optimized responsiveness, and visibility-boosting SEO best practices. Additionally, claim and optimize your biz listings across platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and other local directories to amplify your online discoverability.

Use Online Booking

Having a seamless online booking system needs to be at the top of your personal trainer’s priority list. After pouring energy into fostering your community and mastering your training craft, the last thing you want is to burn precious hours just coordinating appointments. An online booking page streamlines that whole process, letting clients self-schedule with ease while you focus on what really matters guiding amazing fitness journeys.

How to market a personal training business

How To Market A Personal Training Business

Below are some marketing tips on how to become an online personal trainer that easily reels in new clients:

Define Your Ideal Customer

Forget about even dreaming up a marketing blitz until you’ve figured out who exactly you’re speaking to. Is your target audience looking to sneak in a personal training session during their midday break? Or maybe your specialty is helping new moms bounce back into fighting shape after bringing a little one into the world? Zeroing in on your perfect customer is vital because it lets you fine-tune your message, branding, and overall game plan to check all the boxes on their wish list, worries, and wants.

Craft a Standout Brand Identity

With several fitness professionals and physical therapists out there, what makes you a total catch that clients can’t resist? Your brand identity is the secret sauce that’ll make you memorable and have the potential to recognize that unmistakable you-ness from a mile away. Give some thought to your core values, training philosophy, and the overall vibes you’re serving up. Then, whip up a cohesive brand identity that oozes your essence from every angle – logo, color combo, website aesthetic, social channels, and others.

Make It All About Your Client

The quickest way to torpedo a potential sale is coming in hot with that used car salesman energy pushing product and not giving a hoot about your client’s story. A prospect needs to feel like you genuinely care about their needs, goals, and journey, not just eyeing their credit card. When you’re closing, keep the conversation laser-focused on the client. Rehash everything they’ve shared about their situation and how your services are the perfect fit for their unique wants and needs. By making it all about them, you’re empowering them to make their own call instead of feeling cornered into it.

Create a Sense of Urgency

After that first conversation or sizing-up session, lots of leads will hit the pause button to “think it over.” This opens up a danger zone where they could easily talk themselves out of it, tanking your chances of reeling them in. Dangle a one-time or limited-time carrot, like a free bonus session or package discount, to spark some serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). They’ll be way more likely to hop on board right then and there if they’re sweating at the thought of a sweet deal slipping through their fingers while waiting.

Stay Ahead of the Pack

The fitness game is constantly changing with new trends, mind-blowing tech, and frontier techniques hitting the scene. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you’ve got to keep your education and development going strong. Attend all the must-hit industry events and keep your eyeballs peeled on what’s popping off in the health and wellness sector. Not only will it level up the caliber of services you’re dishing out, but it’ll solidify your reputation as a trailblazing, forward-thinking fitness guru.

You’ve got the power to be a life-changing force and make a good living doing what you love.

Marketing your training biz is an ever-evolving journey that calls for a brilliant mix of creativity, consistency, and an inside-out understanding of your target audience. Put these ideas and tips into play, and you’ll be skipping down the yellow brick road toward a thriving client base and stone-cold legacy status in the industry.

Protect your personal training business for long term success

However, success as a fitness guru isn’t just about increasing your client base; it’s also about protecting your business and ensuring long-term sustainability. That’s where my robust legal resources swoop in to save the day. Locking down airtight personal training contracts and website policies builds massive trust with your audience while shielding you from liability landmines. Not to mention, having proper insurance is an absolute must for legally protecting your online business and all your hard work.

The Ultimate Bundle® is your one-stop-shop providing valuable, customizable legal templates, expert handholding, and easy-peasy ways to cover your bases pre-launch. You can also tune into my podcast and blog for the extra 411 on navigating the legal landscape like a boss. See you there!

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