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Your Business is at Risk If You Don’t Have THESE on Your Website…

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Why Your Website Is At Risk If It’s Not Protected

When it comes to legally protecting your business, your words have to match your actions.

The truth is, if you’re using free or borrowed contracts or website policies (I’m looking at that copy and pasted terms & conditions!), then your words are definitely NOT matching your actions.

If you don’t even know what you words (your policies/contracts) say, then how can you possibly ensure your actions are matching up?

You see, it’s not enough to just slop up a policy on your website and rest on the fact that it’s there.

Actually, it’s really bad if you have policies up, but then don’t actually know what they say and therefore, don’t practice what you preach.

It will be even worse in the end if someone accuses you of lying or making false promises. And worst of all, you might have done so by mistake — because you didn’t know what the policies said.

The point of having the 3 major website policies in place is to let your visitors know…

>>> how you collect their personal info + what you do with it

>>> who you are and what you do, so they can’t accuse you later of giving them bad advice

>>> what your business policies are, like refunds/returns, sharing your content, chargeback threats, and your intellectual property rights….

…so you have written proof to actually protect + defend your business and have something to show that your words match your actions.

If you’ve avoided putting up website policies until now…

Or you’ve put one up, but you’re here because you’re not sure they’re right or enough to protect your business…

You’re in the right place, but it’s time to take action.

There’s no right or magical time to have website policies in place.

Each and every time someone visits your site, you’re risking her not knowing who you are/what you do so she can judge how she wants to implement your suggestions, therefore exposing yourself to unnecessary risk down the line.

Every time someone joins your email list and you don’t have a professionally-written, applicable (to you and your biz) privacy policy, you’re violating the law not just here, but in the European Union, too.

And every time you lay at night wondering what you’d do if someone stole your content or stopped paying for your product, your terms & conditions aren’t there to protect you, so there’s not much you can do about it.

Each and every one of you with a service-based business or blog needs the 3 major website policies on her site: a privacy policy, terms & conditions, and a website disclaimer.

The freebie or borrowed contracts and web policies don’t work for you because…

  1. You haven’t customized them to your business, so they don’t actually protect you; and
  2. They didn’t come with any support or professional explaining how to customize them, or to explain what they mean.

That’s why I created my DIY legal templates and specifically, the Total Website Solution, for you. It’s a discounted bundle that includes:

>> 3 LEGAL TEMPLATES // all 3 website policies (a privacy policy, terms & conditions, and a website disclaimer template)

>> 5 how-to video tutorials (2 for privacy policy, 2 for terms, and 1 for the disclaimer)

>> An invite to my private client-only Facebook community.

>> Email support from me to answer questions you have about these templates.

In under an hour, you can complete all 3 website policy templates and feel confident knowing how to use them + explain them to clients.

Grab your Total Website Solution bundle to get started now. Any questions? Just get in touch so we can chat.


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