My Best Sales Call Tips for High-Quality Sales (+ a free gift!)

My Best Sales Call Tips for High-Quality SalesIn this post, I’ll share my best sales call tips with you so you have higher-converting sales calls with people you actually enjoy talking to. Make sure you read all the way to the end! I’ve got a free gift for you.  I’m sharing my brand new freebie “Pre-Qualify Before They Buy”, that gives you 3 email templates + a video training on how to legally pre-qualify + prep potential clients to stay within your scope of practice before a discovery/sales call, so you don’t waste your time with a not-ideal client who barges through your biz boundaries.

I’ll never forget it when I screamed, “that’s it! This discovery call is OVER!” and abruptly hung up the phone on 2 of the pushiest, rudest potential customers I’ve ever dealt with.

The year: 2017.

I was still offering free connection (discovery/sales/whatever we want to call them!) calls at that time — and I had no boundaries and no system in place to filter people into the call…

Which is why a few thousand people signed up for it.

When these 2 women signed up for my free call one day in June 2017, I didn’t think anything of it. They were starting up a wellness business and said they had some questions for me. The link to book with me was literally on my website — so they clicked, booked, and were on the phone with me in less than 6 hours (another boundary I didn’t have set).

I didn’t really have any system around how I ran the calls — so I’d just get on and chat, answer their questions, and then awkwardly offer up some information about my legal template products.

But these people had another plan.

I should’ve known it was a problem when they started off with,

“We have no plans to invest any money to start up our businesses — so we’re just really excited to pick your brain for free.”

They legit just straight up said that.

Being the #1 people pleaser I am, I was like “oh great! I’m just so grateful we get the chance to talk today. How can I help?”

And then they launched into their super specific, super outside my scope of practice (I don’t practice law or give legal advice — I sell DIY Legal Templates and the Ultimate Bundle®, a suite of legal templates and trainings) questions.

They even emailed me a copy of their current contract, which of course they wrote themselves, for me to “review on our call.” (I don’t and never did that)

Basically the rest of the call went something like this:

Me telling them that I can’t help them with that because it’s outside my scope, reminding them of what my scope was, and trying to reset the convo.

Them pushing my boundaries again.

I’d repeat.

They’d push back even harder.

☎️ Until I hung up the phone.

Back then — I was pissed at them. Now, I know it was actually my fault, not theirs.

I had nothing in place to properly filter, prep or pre-qualify people to get on the phone with me.

I had no formal or informal boundaries in place, and I never let anyone know what I did & didn’t do…. before they got on the phone with me.

Fast forward a few months and many, many more frustrating sales calls and I came up with a plan:

I created a mini 3-email sequence that people would get automatically when they booked a call with me.

In those emails, I’d welcome them, confirm their call, let them know what I do/don’t do, and give them a preview of how our calls were going to go.

And guess what happened?

Lots of people cancelled their calls.

But the ones who didn’t…. they were AWESOME! And they became the bulk of my first hundreds of clients.

I went from dozens and dozens of sales calls per week — with little to no time to do anything else I actually needed to do to grow my business — to a handful of calls that converted at 100%.

By the time I stopped offering my free call, I’d only ever had 1 or 2 people who got on the call and didn’t buy.

Even though I don’t offer a free sales call anymore, for some weird reason I’ve always kept those 3-email templates to myself… until today 🙂

Free Gift!

Tap here to get your free “Pre-Qualify Before They Buy” — my brand new freebie that gives you 3 email templates + a video training on how to legally pre-qualify + prep potential clients to stay within your scope of practice before a discovery/sales call.

No more wasting your time with a not-ideal client who barges through your biz boundaries. You need those hours back, my friend.

Even better, these free email templates actually do some of the sales work for you — you’ll see what I mean when you open them up and watch the video training that goes along side it.

Once you checkout my new free email templates + training, will leave a comment below 👇and let me know what you think? I’d love that!

Can’t wait!



PS. Skip right to the good stuff: Happy holidays! I’ve got a free gift for you called “Pre-Qualify Before They Buy” — in it, you’ll get 3 email templates and a video training from me teaching you how to warm prospective clients up, so you don’t get any of the “try before they buy” clients and you do land the dreamy ones you can’t wait to work with (who just so happen to pay their bills on time).

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