Privacy Policy Template for Small Businesses


Elevate your online business security with our DIY Privacy Policy Template, specifically designed for coaches, online creatives, and entrepreneurs. What’s inside? This package includes a flexible, easy-to-download DIY Privacy Policy template, thoughtfully crafted by an experienced online entrepreneur and former corporate attorney, tailored for entrepreneurial needs. It’s more than just a document; it’s a commitment to protecting your customers’ information.

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Launch your small business website with confidence and compliance using our essential small business Privacy Policy template. In today’s digital age, where data privacy is paramount, ensuring your website adheres to legal standards is not just a necessity but a cornerstone of trust with your audience. Our template simplifies the complex process of creating a Privacy Policy that is both comprehensive and understandable to your visitors.


Basically, a privacy policy tells your website’s visitors when & what type of personal info (i.e., name, email address, email sign up, etc.) you collect from them, how you use it, and what they can do to change it. It also describes what you’ll do to keep their info private. If you have an email sign-up form, contact page, or take people’s info anywhere else on your site, you’re required to have one.


In the U.S., you’re legally required to have a privacy policy on your website if you…

  • Collect email addresses and/or names for your email list
  • Have a contact page on your site
  • Send out emails to your list
  • Use cookies, Google ads/analytics, tracking, or anything else to study who’s viewing your site
  • Run surveys, contests, giveaways or anything else that collects ANY personal info from people (name, email address, address, phone number, etc.)
  • Send emails to anyone located within the EU, thanks to the GDPR


  • DIY Privacy Policy TemplateOne (1) downloadable, editable .docx file containing a detailed privacy policy with fill-in-the-blanks to make your own.
  • How-To Video Tutorial — a video tutorial (that actually shows you the document while I talk!) where I walk you through what each paragraph means (in English, not legal language) & where you’ll need to make changes. You’ll be comfortable and confident to make the Privacy Policy your own.
  • Guidelines & Tips PDF Guide — to let you know what to do with this document & how to make it your own.
  • BONUS: you’ll receive my Super Simple Guide to Legally Protect Your Online Business to make sure you’re on the right track.


Got 15 minutes? Then you’ll have yourself a legal privacy policy. Here’s what you should do once you purchase:

  • Read the Guidelines & Tips Guide first.
  • Next, edit the doc! Follow along in my video How-To Tutorial which shows you where you need to put in your info.
  • You’ll add your personal info and make any changes that are necessary based on how you run and operate your business + website.
  • Upload it to your site! I’ll even tell you where to display it & what it needs to be labeled as.


  • Any business with a website that collects personal information (email, name, phone number, address, etc.)
  • Coaches
  • Online Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Online Creatives
  • eCommerce Site Owners
  • Entrepreneurs & more!

You can read more about privacy policies in this post.

IMPORTANT: This document is a downloadable, customizable general template for you to make your own & to fit your business. Purchase of this or any other document from this Site does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Sam Vander Wielen. The documents, or anything on this Site, should not be construed as legal advice. You should have all documents you use or prepare reviewed by a local attorney to ensure they comply with State and local laws where you live and work. Sam Vander Wielen is licensed to practice law in New Jersey. Use of this Site, and purchase of any documents, are subject to these Terms & Conditions.

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Small Business Privacy Policy FAQ

  • Do I need legal knowledge to use this template? No, it’s designed for easy customization without legal expertise.
  • Can I use this template for various types of businesses? Absolutely, it’s versatile for different industries.
  • What if I need to adjust the terms later? The template is fully editable to evolve with your business needs.
  • Is this template suitable for online and in-person services? Yes, it’s crafted to cater to both modalities effectively.