The Cure for Social Media Burnout

The Cure for Social Media Burnout

If you are starting to feel burnt out on social or have experienced burnout in the past – you’re not alone. And, this doesn’t just apply to those who are social media professionals or specifically work in social media.

I’ve seen SO many creators in the last year ghost Instagram (or their business altogether) because the thought of keeping up with social media full time and the ever-changing algorithm feels overwhelming and ultimately takes a toll on mental health.

A new approach to Intstagram

While I always support the choices people make for their mental and physical health, I have to ask:

What if we stopped approaching our relationship with Instagram as such an extreme?
It’s either we show up 24/7, create the best content, fight to be seen by the algorithm, strive for stellar engagement, or… throw in the towel and leave the app.

But it doesn’t have to be either/or. There can be a way to schedule time on social media, come up with a social media strategy that doesn’t lead to burnout.​ Pre-planned intentional breaks within your work hours can be helpful along with implementing other strategies.

In fact, if we actually took a step off the social media hamster wheel, we’d realize that honoring our capacity and simplifying our content strategy might lead to better results. Which then would lead to positive side effects like being able to focus on other work tasks.

How to be successful and sustainable on social media

To do business, successfully and sustainably, on social media long-term means it’s in our best interest to ask ourselves if there’s another way. A way that allows us to set boundaries and have a healthier relationship with social media while still using it to grow our business. A way that prevents cycles of burnout.

​The Cure for Social Media Burnout

🚨 Spoiler alert: there is (and no, it’s not too good to be true!).

In episode 125 of On Your Terms®, our favorite Instagram expert, Natasha, who not only teaches but values simple and sustainable video strategies. She shares so many helpful tips but one takeaway is remembering that you have a lot of control over your social media experience. You can unfollow. You can mute. You can block. There’s so many ways that you can curate your space.

You have control over your social media experience

Tune in to hear more on:

✔️ Use Instagram to market your business

✔️ Grow your online community

✔️ Navigate burnout on Instagram before you’re starting to feel it

✔️ Tips for batching and consistency (not just helpful for social media managers!)

✔️ Handling social media during hard times

Natasha is my very own Instagram coach. So I know first-hand that her advice is solid and will leave you feeling refreshed and excited to pursue Instagram in a way that makes sense for you.

You can listen to my interview with Natasha on AppleSpotify, or directly on my podcast page.

Once you do, send me a DM on Instagram (since you’ll be over there implementing your new strategy anyway!) Let me know what your #1 takeaway was from the episode.


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