What Every Coach Should Include in A Client Agreement

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Wondering whether you need a client agreement for your 1-on-1 clients? What are the most important parts of a contract anyway?

After I left the law in 2016 to become a health coach, I realized all coaches (I’m looking at you, career coach and life coach friends!) needed affordable, approachable and easy-to-use resources that actually fit what they do in their coaching businesses.

I designed your DIY Coaching Contract template specifically for coaches after hearing from so many friends and colleagues asking “What’s a contract for? And what’s supposed to be in it?” I answered the “whether you need it” question for you in this blog post (hint: yes!).

What Is A Client Agreement?

The thing I love most about having a clear and concise coaching contract is that it sets out the expectations between you (the coach) and your client regarding your coach client relationship. We don’t have to rely on a bunch of random emails back and forth, something that got misinterpreted through text or over the phone, or what we thought the client understood about our services. It’s all clearly laid out in a written agreement with terms and conditions that I think is one of your greatest coaching tools.

Plus, goodness forbid you face any legal issues down the line, it sets the stage as a clear outline of what was (& wasn’t!) offered to your client throughout their coaching process.

You cannot borrow a friends contract

I know what you might be thinking. “Can’t I just copy and paste from someone else’s contracts or website policies online?

No, you can’t just copy and paste or borrow a friend’s contract. Or at least that’s not the best thing for you and your business. If you want to be #LegallyLegit and you take your business seriously, it’s best to craft your own legal contract or website policy that actually addresses your business’s unique policies and needs. As I always tell my clients, borrowing someone else’s contract that isn’t tailored towards you is basically like having nothing at all.

Here are just a few of the *most* important aspects of a coaching agreement…

Payment Terms

This one is super important, right? Not only do you want to make sure you have terms that clearly outline what you’re owed, but also what the payment terms are. It’s all about expectations, people! This is why I drafted this DIY Client Agreement just for you coaches. I wanted to give you the language (aka. the power) to have clear, concise language to use with your clients. That way, you both are on the same page about what’s due & when.

Important aspect of a coaching agreement

Description of Services

Be super clear about what your program/health coaching services include so there’s no miscommunication. What do your coaching sessions look like? Do you have weekly or twice monthly calls? How long are they? Where do they take place? What does the coaching relationship/coaching practice look like? Do you know the extent of client responsibility? What else do you include in your program? Here’s your chance to lay it all out.

Client & Coach Expectations

I like to include a section for client and coaching journey. Set out what you expect from your client (i.e., being on time and communication) and what you’ll offer your client in return (i.e., being present & non-judgmental, helping them with goal setting, etc.). It’s a great way to set the tone for your coaching program.


This is SO, so important and worth the price of the DIY Coaching Agreement template alone. I started this company after hearing from so many of you health coaches about feeling scared & vulnerable! But there’s an easy way to protect yourself by using a disclaimer. Here, you set out who you are, what you do, what certifications you have, and which you DON’T (i.e. a medical degree, license, etc.). This disclaimer is totally different from the disclaimer you need on your website.

Cancellation & Refund Policies

This was one I learned the hard way when I first became a health coach. I figured if people signed up for health coaching, they obviously would use their sessions & show up each time! Wrong. Protect yourself and make sure your time is respected with clearly outlining your cancellation and if you offer refunds in your client agreement.

There are so many other important parts of a client agreement, but these are some of the big ones! My DIY Coaching Contract template was designed and written specifically for coaches who work 1-on-1 with clients! And it’s not just for health coaches – it works for any coach or consultant who offers services online or in-person. You can grab your coaching contract template on its own here or as part of my Ultimate Bundle® program (it’s 1 of the 13 contracts and policies included!).

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  1. Hello Sam,
    I am a professional Chef launching my business as a health Coach. I have already signed up a client for the 2nd 90 days and she is thrill!
    As I decided another couple of courses specializing in the area that I am passionate about, I am also preparing to sign up a potential client who is coming out of a hospital with cancer; then is when I am sitting here realizing that I must somehow have a dsclaimer to have this person sign where I clearly state that what I intend to do with my diet is not a replacement from any doctors regime.
    Then my thought was to look at a template on line and see if I could find something that will meet my need and you popped up. I started reading about how you were an attorney now a practicing coach and that got my attention even farther.

    My name is Malexi McPhee with Healthy life style by malexi , my email is [email protected]
    I really want to see if your template will help me

    Thank you

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