When You’re Scared to Fail & Be successful, All at Once

So I was in my favorite workout class this morning overhead pressin’ my heart out when I heard this guy asking our instructor how he could make every move harder.

The only thing is –

He hadn’t even tried the moves yet to know that he even needed to make it harder.

We’ve all put the cart before the business-horse at one time or another — like the guy in my workout class. (Maybe if he would’ve tried the overhead press, he would’ve known there was no need to make it any harder.)

So while it’s easy to stress out about getting your business off the ground — and equally as challenging worrying about the future and what you’d do with all the influx of clients — I find that it’s often better to take a brick-by-brick approach. Think of building your business one day at a time, while keeping your eye on the future (which you know in your heart you’re heading towards anyway).

You might not get there today or even tomorrow. But, by taking it one brick at a time, you’ll be able to sustain the energy and motivation you’ll need to build the successful business you’re after.

Sustainable Scaling with Business Coach Naomi Powell

That’s why I brought my friend Naomi Powell on my podcast, On Your Terms™, this week to chat with me about…

  1. sustainably building our businesses
  2. using social media in an aligned way
  3. how to get crystal clear on what we want to achieve in our businesses

Naomi is a business coach who focuses on energetic alignment and, like me, is someone who’s really focused on building a business for the long-haul (that also allows her to put her own life, family and 2 impossibly cute children first). She’s built a profitable multiple six-figure company using these techniques and teaches hundreds of women how to do the same. We discussed building a business on our own terms, designing it around our lives instead of the other way around.

🎧 Listen to this week’s brand new episode of On Your Terms™ so you can hear gems that Naomi dropped on sustainably scaling your business like this:

💬 Self-trust is a muscle that needs to be exercised, and it’s forged in the fires of courage and faith. – Naomi Powell

In episode 93, you’ll learn…

  1. How to build a successful business while enjoying the process
  2. Healing your relationship with money
  3. Being adaptable to new trends
  4. Building a business geared towards your actual goals
  5. Finding a balance between short-term and long-term visions

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Are you off to listen?! Did this note today about my brick-by-brick mentality resonate with you? Comment below! I read every response!

🎙 Listen to Episode 93″Sustainable Scaling with Business & Mindset Coach Naomi Powell” of On Your Terms! ⤵️

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