You Stand Out From The Crowd

You Stand Out From The Crowd

Yes, there’s space for you in the industry no matter how crowded (but there’s a catch)

“The online business space is too crowded.”

How many times have you gone on Instagram, only to see 5 other people just like you?

You feel defeated. How can you grow your business when there are so many people doing the same thing as you?

The other day, my social media team asked if I’d create a series on whether you own the intellectual property of content you create with tools like ChatGPT and Canva.

Great Question!

I’m doing the series (because the answer is so fascinating!), but until then, my short-ish lawyer answer is: no, probably not.

If you use Canva’s tools or templates, you don’t own the IP of what you create. You have a limited license to use it, but never to own.

If you use ChatGPT, they “gift” you the IP of the output content, but they can’t guarantee (it literally says so in their terms) they’re not giving the same exact content to someone else…. Bye, bye, copyright.

While the IP is an issue, I want to go back to you feeling like the space is too crowded for you to do well…

After writing hundreds (!!) of pages of my book about how to build a successful online business (sign-up for our book waitlist!)​, I see common themes.

You’ve got to own how you and your offers are unique from everyone else to stand out. Since there are so many business owners online, I’ve got to know why I should listen to you over everyone else…

Which is sort of hard to do if your generic-sounding content is pumped out by AI software like widgets coming off a factory assembly line.

Here’s to being ourselves (and purposefully not like the rest)

“I’m launching my first 1:1 coaching offer. What contracts do I need to put in place?”

💬 Subscriber Question of the Week

Q: “I’m going live with a coaching program this year. Can a well-worded disclaimer save me from issuing refunds? What do I need to have in place for a 1:1 virtual coaching program?”

A: You need to send your coaching clients a client contract. Disclaimers are not what you’d need for refunds. There’s disclaimer language built into my client contract template. There’s also a refund policy section, where you can clearly lay out your terms.

❌ If you haven’t:

  • formed your business
  • gotten business insurance
  • learned your scope of practice,
  • or protected your website…

📽️ Watch my free legal training→ I’ll teach you the 5 steps to legally start your coaching program – including what kinds of contracts you need!

The client contract template is available a la carte in my DIY Legal Template Shop. It’s also included in the Ultimate Bundle® as one of the 13 contract templates included in the program.

Got a legal question? Submit yours here →

The Ultimate Bundle®

The go-to legal program for online business owners to get protected—13 DIY Legal Contract templates, ongoing access to the training and support, including all future program updates.

Here’s what Jen said about the Ultimate Bundle® this week:

Ultimate Bundle member review

On Your Terms® Podcast

💰 Here’s how to sell more of your offer in your next launch

In Part 3 of my 4-part Launch Series on On Your Terms®, I’m breaking down my go-to sales-boosting strategy to help you make more sales in your next promo.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • the secret ingredients to any good sale
  • how to help your audience take action (aka buy)
  • the foolproof sales period timeline I swear by

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  • 🤳 Will there be a TikTok ban? Some Representatives in the U.S. House want TikTok to be sold to another owner. If you have lots of your content eggs in TikTok’s basket, consider hedging your bets. (Learn more in this NYTimes Article – gifted)

✔️ Your Task This Week

  • 💸 Tax season just ended. Now’s a great time to talk with your CPA about becoming an S-corp. You can’t become an S-Corp after a certain point in the year. Your task is to book that appointment.
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