How to Get Online Personal Training Clients

How to Get Online Personal Training Clients

Ready to take your online personal training business to the next level? Read on for expert tips on how to attract and massively grow your existing client base!

Launching an online personal training biz is indeed a wild ride. On one hand, you’ve got the thrill of helping people finally achieve those long-sought fitness goals. Not to mention carving out your own career path by doing something you’re passionate about. That’s the dream, right?

But even then, how do you stand out from the sea of other online trainers all vying for attention? How do you get clients to have a bite of your personal training services? That’s where stuff gets tricky. The online fitness space is so crowded these days, so catching people’s eyes and convincing them to hop on board is no easy feat.

Here’s the raw truth: at the end of the day, your clients are everything. They are at the heart of this business of yours. No clients = no revenue = no reason to set an alarm clock. It’s as simple as that!

Everyone loves to tell you, “Oh, just get that first one, then it’ll be smooth sailing after that!” Sure, maybe for them. However, finding that first online training client can be an absolute grind that puts a serious dent in your motivation and self-confidence as both a trainer and an entrepreneur.

But–don’t you dare get discouraged! There are so many great ways to start attracting members to your online fitness business. And that’s why, today, I’m sharing practical marketing strategies to help you get started on the right foot! 

How to Get Online Personal Training Clients

How to Get Online Personal Training Clients

You don’t need a Ph.D. in online marketing to start landing new online personal training clients; you just need to follow these simple but effective tips:

Tip 1: Get Certified 

Scoring a legit personal training certification is crucial for building credibility and trust with potential clients right off the bat. Do your research and go with a certification program that’s accredited by respected organizations in the fitness industry like ACSM or NASM. Having that official stamp of approval doesn’t just validate your expertise and know-how; it also shows clients online that you’re committed to total professionalism and top-notch online training services. 

Tip 2: Know Your Audience 

Understanding exactly who you want to serve is key to tailoring your services and marketing in a way that actually resonates. Take a good, hard look at the demographics, preferences, pain points, and goals of your ideal client avatar. What are their biggest struggles and motivations? Having that clarified gives you the ability to craft personalized training programs and email campaigns that hit home for your target audience. When you speak their language, they’re way more likely to choose you as their trainer.

Tip 3: Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media is an absolute goldmine for fitness professionals looking to market themselves and connect with potential clients. I mean, with the average person spending a whopping 2.5 hours per day scrolling their feeds, having zero social presence is like willingly leaving a mountain of money on the table.

But it goes way beyond just being discoverable. These days, when someone is vetting trainers, you’d better believe your social channels are going to be among the first things they check out. It’s basically your virtual first impression of that prospect. If your energy, expertise, and overall vibe come through loud and clear on your platforms, you’re automatically elevating yourself above the competition in their eyes.

The Big 3 social media marketing platforms

For fitness trainers, the big three social media marketing heavy-hitters are Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Instagram is perfect for creating that visual connection and letting your personality shine, not to mention making it really easy for intrigued clients to slide into your DMs. Facebook’s huge user base means tapping into a massive pool of potential customers. And TikTok offers some of the juiciest organic discovery opportunities to get your face in front of motivated fitness folks.

Tip 4: Optimize Your Online Presence 

In today’s digital world, your online presence is virtually your storefront. You need an engaging, professional website that immediately conveys your credibility as a trainer and the unique value you provide. But it goes beyond just existing online; you’ve got to optimize your website and content with relevant keywords, meta tags, descriptions, and other elements. Creating a blog section on your site and consistently publishing SEO-friendly articles that address common fitness questions and pain points is also huge.

Tip 5: Host Free Workshops and Webinars

Offering free educational workshops or webinars is a sure way to showcase your skills and establish yourself as a credible expert worth hiring. Choose topics that’ll resonate well with your target audience—nutrition basics, workout fundamentals, goal-setting strategies, you name it. Then, massively promote your free personal training sessions on social media platforms, email newsletters, community groups, and everywhere your people hang out online. An engaged free workshop is prime territory for converting attendees into paying clients.

Tip 6: Become a Contributor 

You know what they say content is king! One of the best ways to solidify your expert status is by writing for respected fitness magazines, blog posts, and publications. Each byline you score introduces you and your services to a ready-made audience filled with your ideal clients. Do some research to find the right outlets and editors, then pitch yourself as the go-to expert for whichever topics you want to cover. With a steady stream of published content under your belt, you’ll quickly position yourself as a trainer worth investing in.

Tip 7: Network and Collaborate 

For personal trainers specifically, some of the most valuable people in your network are other fitness professionals and wellness experts. I’m talking about physiotherapists, yoga instructors, nutritionists, other online fitness coaches anyone operating in the same general sphere. The beauty is that while your services are different, your target audiences heavily overlap.

So don’t be afraid to hit up those old connections from your kinesiology program, yoga teacher training, or even that high school pal who became a holistic health coach. Reach out and propose a clients-for-referrals swap; you send clients their way for services you don’t offer, and they return the favor by pointing business in your direction. It’s a total win-win that allows you to tap into each other’s networks without straight-up poaching.

Tip 8: Specialize Your Offerings 

To stand out from the competition, consider offering specialized training programs or packages tailored to specific client needs and goals. Whether it’s weight loss, strength training, prenatal or postnatal, or sports performance, showcasing your niche expertise allows you to attract clients who are purposely seeking that specialized guidance and support. Highlight the unique benefits and results they can expect from your focused programs. Give them compelling reasons to sign up with you over a more generalized trainer. Having a professional personal training contract is also a serious reputation builder that shows your audience you’re the real deal they can trust.

Tip 9: Collect and Showcase Testimonials

Few things are as persuasive as positive reviews and testimonials from real, satisfied clients. Actively encourage your current happy clients to share their success stories, before-and-after pics, shoutouts, and more across your website and social platforms. Highlighting these authentic transformations and rave reviews provides powerful social proof that builds credibility and trust with potential new leads. It makes the decision to hire you that much easier.

Good Customer Service is key

Tip 10: Provide Elite Customer Service

At the end of the day, delivering truly exceptional customer service is what separates good online personal trainers from great ones. Be super responsive and attentive to every client’s needs. Build relationships, personalize your interactions, and go above and beyond with support. Celebrate their milestones and achievements along the way. Creating this positive, high-touch experience doesn’t just keep your clients happier; it inspires them to stick around long-term while evangelizing your services through word-of-mouth to their friends and networks.

The world of online fitness is only getting more crowded and competitive–make your place now! 

We all know that marketing yourself is absolutely crucial when you’re running an online personal training business. All those tips I laid out are the blueprint for how to become an online fitness coach renowned for providing top-notch personal training services and attracting a steady flow of new clients. 

But here’s the real talk: as your online hustle starts gaining traction, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got your legal ducks in a row too. I’m talking about legit contracts and website policies that protect you and your online business, plus proper insurance, so you’re not one lawsuit away from losing it all.

Need a comprehensive solution to bolster your online business for long-term growth and success? Then you’ve got to check out The Ultimate Bundle®. If you have any questions about my legal templates and which one you need to help you navigate this digital marketing world successfully then please reach out. You can also tune into my podcast and read my blog for more invaluable gems on how to really win big online. See you there!

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