Oops! You signed your contract wrong.

Oops! You signed your contract wrong.

To My Dad, Norm ♥️

Tomorrow’s the anniversary of my Dad’s death.

On this day 2 years ago, I fought and pleaded to get my Dad transferred to his ‘home base’ hospital, University of Pennsylvania (Penn).

He was in a new-to-him hospital for something else, but it wasn’t the right place for a guy with complicated, terminal cancer.

His leukemia was acting funny, but no matter how many times I brought it up, docs dismissed it as normal. When I finally convinced the higher ups at Penn to transfer him, I ran to tell him the good news.

“That’s my girl. I knew you’d do it,” he said. Turning to my husband, he added, “Sam can do anything she decides to do.”

A few hours later, we got him to Penn. I was so relieved he was back in good hands. His sweet nurse got him a root beer and they watched the Sixers game together. He was due to start chemo first thing in the morning.

I had no idea he’d be gone the next day.

My Dad was my best friend. My heart is still very broken and tender. My world is still off its axis.

After losing both of my parents, I feel untethered. Like I’m floating around the universe without a base to pull me back in.

Honestly, I don’t have a quippy story or a lesson to share today. I’m also not sure what to write about these weeks when everything feels so silly to write about.

I’m in too much pain, especially with my Mom’s passing anniversary coming up in a few weeks.

And I’m sharing this because when other people share their grief experience, it makes me feel less alone. It makes me feel less like I should “get over it,” which I’m sure will never happen.

If you want to honor Norm this week, he’d love it if you went to a farmers’ market, supported a local business, drank a root beer, watched an episode of Curb, or went to Olive Garden.

By the way, I know he would’ve said:

“You can do anything you decide to do.”

Root beer cheers 🍻

Oops! You signed your contract wrong

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