Are you overwhelmed with where to start with legal? Read this.

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Where to start with legal

Hi, love! Are you feeling overwhelmed and oh-so-confused about where to start with legal? I get it! So let’s dive in and make this super easy for you.

So you want to sleep tight at night knowing your business is legally protected, but you don’t know where to start.

But you’ve also held off on getting your business legally protected because legal feels overwhelming, confusing, and super expensive.

Today, I’m teaching you where to start with legal and breaking legal down in 5 simple steps. After today, you’ll know exactly how to get started.

But first, let me tell you about my new client, Lauren, who I have a feeling you’ll relate to…

An Example

Last week, I talked to Lauren, an online coach, who started her wellness business months ago.

She has a great website, a handful of clients, and now she’s ready to launch her first group program.

Lauren reached out to me because she didn’t have any of the “legal stuff” in place and she was ready to get legally legit together.

She just didn’t know where to start.

“Do I need contracts first?

But what about registering my business? I guess I get an LLC — but how, when?

And do I really need those website policies, or should I get the other stuff in place first?”

Lauren held back on releasing her first group program because she didn’t have a legit contract to send them, or the right policies on her website to promote the program.

She was afraid of being exposed: someone in the group would sue or stop paying her, steal her content, or share their portal login with someone who didn’t pay for the program.

Lauren’s concerns are the ones I hear from you all the time! You’re so not alone here.

Lauren wants her business and program to look relaxed, authentic, and from the heart.

But being so nervous about protecting herself legally had her stuck, and everything but relaxed ; )

So we talked about how, although this legal stuff seems super overwhelming at first, there’s a simple 5-step strategy I recommend if you’re scratching your head about where to start with legal.

Here’s what you need to do:


If you’re working with people already / are ready to, figure out what business entity type is right for you and register your business. (Don’t forget all the post-registration steps like: biz insurance, bank accounts, and more!) If you’ve already registered (and done all the follow-up!) but haven’t done anything else, skip to step #2!)


If you’re in the beginning stages and not working with clients yet: get your 3 major website policies in place (privacy policy, terms & conditions, and website disclaimer). If you’re already working with clients, get both contracts and website policies ready ASAP.


Get a legit contract for every way you work with people. You need a separate agreement for 1-on-1 servicesgroup programs, an online course, and a digital download product (use your terms & conditions from your website policies for digital products!).


If you’re a coach/mentor, learn your scope of practice, email marketing rules, and the basics about working with clients so you steer clear of legal trouble.


Learn about trademarks, when you really need them, and what alternatives you can use to protect your brand. Learn about copyright so you can protect your content from getting stolen.

Not too bad, right?

Since Lauren was ready to register her biz, get contracts and policies in place, learn about trademarks, email list building, business insurance, LLCs, and so much more — she was SO stoked to grab the Ultimate Bundle™ (includes 10 DIY legal templates AND over 35 video trainings).

The Ultimate Bundle™ is the only course designed specifically for online entrepreneurs that takes you step-by-step through setting up your biz, making sure you get paid, protecting your content, and getting legally legit.

So after reading my 5-step strategy, what questions do you have? Get in touch and share your questions or concerns with me!

I’m here to help you get legally legit.

PS. The Ultimate Bundle™ is perfect for the entrepreneur who wants to learn how to build a legally legit biz AND get customizable contract and website policy templates (at huge savings!). Learn more about the Ultimate Bundle™, check out the curriculum and templates, and get instant access HERE.

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