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Unlike (practically) everyone on TikTok, I’m way less “go, go, go!” when it comes to hitting all your business goals.

For me, “pushing yourself” is only necessary when you’ve got a sled under your butt and it’s time to get moving.🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m not saying I’m against hard work (quite the opposite).

But in all my years of online business, I’ve watched slow and steady win the race time and time again. I mean… when I first opened up shop, I was selling 1-3 Ultimate Bundles™ per month. AND it took me getting on sales calls to sell ‘em.

So if the close of 2023 is making you feel “behind” in your business goals, this is my reminder to you — I bet you’re doing just fine.

And however you feel…

I’ve rounded up a bunch of stuff to light a (cozy and seasonal) fire under your tush.

So whether you want to spend December re-focusing on what YOU want, putting your head down while you drown out the online noise,

OR you’d rather spend the next 31 days, floating in a pool of eggnog while your laptop takes a long winter’s nap, this should be right up your alley ⤵️


I curated 16 episodes of On Your Terms podcast, and put them on a single playlist for you.
If you want to jump around…

  • This one might spark controversy with my devout aspirational marketers 😳
  • If you feel like you’ve got “one foot in, and one foot out “of your business, this episode got a WILD number of responses🤯… jump to 3:53 to hear the messed-up comments people are leaving on my FB ads
  • Stop publicizing all your biz mistakes! Here’s why in 18 mins
  • Oh snap, I said it: the pep talk you didn’t know you needed
  • I’m not “anti-goals” but…

Short on time?

If you only have two seconds, stop creating “toilet content” 🚽and do *this* instead (it’s a 5 min listen).

If you have zero seconds, go save the playlist to your library so it’s handy for all your Target runs this holiday season.


When can you use the © symbol? 
I explain in under 6 minutes.

Forget 10s. This springboard-diver-turned-psychologist thinks you should aim for 7s (then told Oprah *this*)


📚I voluntarily step out of the rat race this time every year. Here’s why I’m MORE than ok with that.

📚Thought I was popping in for a casual cappuccino when an 84-year-old confronted me with this. 😅

📚Skipping these 12 online business legal requirements would be… welp, illegal (and number 3 could slap you with a $50,000 fine).

📚It’s hard to see people celebrating their biz wins online when heavy stuff is mucking your life up. I get it. Here’s what kept me grounded this year.

📚I bet half of online biz owners are doing this thing that cost me so much money 😳

📚Need these 7 steps for forming your LLC?

📚 YES, there’s a wrong way to price your services. Why is nobody talking about this?

📚Did you just land your first client!? Go get paid, my friend!


So what do you think, should I send more round-ups like this one? Hit reply with a quick Y or N so I know if you like it. And don’t forget — ignore the end-of-year FOMO that makes you feel soooo far behind.

You’re not. You’re doing it.

Happy listening, watching and reading. 🤗

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